world packaging corp boxes for all applications
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world packaging corp boxes for all applications
Corrugated is the ultimate in flexible packaging material. Ninety (90) percent of all goods shipped to market are packaged in corrugated.

The strength of a corrugated box starts with its material. A corrugated sheet consists of two major components - linerboard and medium. Linerboard is the flat paper that covers both sides of the sheet and the medium is the fluted or arched paper found between both liners. The flute, when anchored to the linerboards with a starched-based adhesive, resists bending and pressure from all directions. When placed vertically on its ends, the flutes form vertical columns, capable of supporting considerable amounts of weight.

Corrugated products are available in all shapes and sizes. Our Sales Team can advise and explain options available to you depending upon your needs.

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world packaging corp boxes for all applications